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    Thank you for joining us here at the Pew Net Forum!


    Please take a moment to read our forum rules. The goal is to ensure you have the best experience whenever you visit, while maintaining tactful taste, respecting other views, and differences of opinions.


    1.Respect, respect, respect! We understand that there are differences in opinion, and that we may not always agree. However, disrespecting one another will not fly here. Debate all you want, but please exercise courtesy when doing so. No direct name calling, no bullying, no hazing… And ABSOLUTELY no racial, or sexist slander will be tolerated. That is cause for an immediate ban.



    Easy enough. ????


    1. Stay active! The only way our community can grow and prosper is with each and every one of you. The more activity, the more participation, the more fun we all get to experience PERIOD.


    1. Feel free to post pictures, videos and success stories. (I mean this is an Airsoft Forum after all ????). Any videos from YouTube regarding Airsoft topics are ok. Anything other than, will be removed.


    1. Unless it’s Airsoft related, it’s not allowed in here. Social media offers enough political talk, religious talk, all that good stuff out there. Let’s leave it all out there, and let’s have a good time in here.


    1. Please keep in mind, any posts with over the top complaints about this site, fields, or games will be removed immediately. Again, friendly debates are fine, but raging will not be tolerated. Anything you’d like to bring up directly to Pew Net’s attention can be done so by emailing to [email protected].


    1. If you post and someone’s being a fart knocker for no reason, tag your friendly admin and let us deal with it. However, if the fart knocker has the table flipped on them and starts getting roasted, then we may just either join in and laugh along, or just cut the post immediately. Again, be considerate to everyone’s opinions and remember, nobody likes being trolled.


    1. Remember, everyone here can see these posts. Avoid typing sensitive information such as phone numbers, and addresses to other players. If such things need to be communicated, a Private Message will do.


    1. There will be a specific forum topic for buying, selling, trading, bartering, and giving the blood of your first born. Any such activity outside of this area will be deleted. Again. If it is not Airsoft related, DON’T POST IT. We also do not permit businesses or sole proprietors from trying to “make a living” by selling repeat content through our forums. We do have a shop ya know… If you think you want to sell something through us, send us an email.


    1. Our page is not a place for you to look for drinking or smoking buddies. Period. This is an Airsoft page, and we will not allow 420 or alcohol driven posts on the walls. Also, this is not eHarmony . com, so please do not come on here looking for life long partnership…


    1. Automatic bans will be implemented for the following:

    * posting about another players race, gender, orientation, or religious views.
    * posting nude pictures
    * posting photos or videos of actual graphic violence
    * cyber stalking fellow members

    * putting out personal information
    * continuously bashing fellow members for a difference of opinion
    * attacking any members race, gender, religious views, death threats, kill yourself comments, ETC.

    * posing as an admin or a moderator
    * private messaging hate mail, or inappropriate content

    * solicitation of services within the forums. Example: Pleb is not a tech, but Pro IS. Pro can fix Plebs gun. Pleb will Private Message Pro for pricing instead of asking over the forum.


    ???? The objective here is to have fun, and to enhance our playing experience with good, friendly people. I understand there can be salt where ever you play. We have all seen it and we have all grown tired of it. This page is for all the players out there, who are eager to learn, and share experiences minus the strain of overly destructive opinions. ????

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